Heading 1

June 17 -
 Celia Grannum   

and      Oscar Trujillo

"Participants are invited to step into trust and surrender to the joys of partnering from center. We will investigate release, breath, gesture, spoken word, eye contact, sharing weight, trusting the ground, accessing emotions, specific movement initiation and the fun in falling through a sequence of individual, partner and group exercises. We will create movement phrases and learn set choreography, while experimenting with partnering phrases and weaving material together.

Come prepared to not only dance, but to shed what hides your authentic self, the only place from which you can move honestly. Get ready to share and listen to a secret or two, and trust the walls with your stories.  Leave your dance hang ups at the door, and enter the space willing to be transformed through touch and shared movement. 

Please bring a journal, family photo, special momento to inspire creativity, and an article of clothing."  - Celia & Oscar 
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photos - Fabrizio Cacciatorre  & Vega Pan (inset)